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         It’s full of international anmatchd leading significance to do researches on metal-air battery technologies, to realize its industrialization and commercialization. Taizhou Feichang New Energy Technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred as FC New Energy) has already made breakthroughs in the aspect of aluminum-air battery research and development. To furthermatch improve it, accelerate the process omatchf lithium-air battery’s R&D and industrialization.


     Shiyi Chen and Bing Zhang, deputy secretary of Taizhou Municipal CPC Committee, conferred the plate. Guohui Zhou, director of Provincial Science & Technology Bureau, related officials in charge of national ministries such as The National Development & Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science & Technology, relevant experts and professors from Peking University and Tsinghua University attended the ceremony. Yuecheng Li, deputy mayor, presided this ceremony.


      Research Center will be committed to improve aluminum-air battery system, get industrialization realized, develop hybrid system suitable for EVs and new kind of metal-air battery system.
Institution Name:
Taizhou Metal-air Fuel Cell Research Center

Institution Property:
Research Center is a non-independent legal institution founded independently, whose operation is affiliated to FC New Energy.  

Management Mode:
Research Interests:

Research Center’s principal R&D mission is conducting the science and technology project in the area of metal air fuel battery and realizing the industrialization according to the development demand of this tech. The following are the details:
1.Further improve the performance of aluminum-air battery system and speed up the industrialization process;
2.Develop electric- electric hybrid power system applied to EVs;
3.Develop lithium-air battery system;
4.Academic exchanges: communicate irregularly about science and industrial development trend to fully understand international and domestic issues.