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【Knowledge】Working Principle and Characteristics of Aluminum-air Battery

Release date:2015-06-18Views:2663

Here is working principle of aluminum-air battery:


Similar to zinc-air battery, aluminum-air battery has the same chemical reaction. It comprises high-purity aluminum as anode, oxygen as cathode, potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide as electrolyte. During the battery discharging, aluminum reacts with oxygen from the ambient air, then convert into aluminum oxide. Developing fast, aluminum-air battery has achieved good effect on EV application. It will be a kind of air battery with full promising.


Characteristics of aluminum-air battery are as follows:


1. High specific energy

Aluminum-air battery’s theory specific energy can reach to 8100Wh/kg, however at present, its actual theory energy is only 350Wh/kg. Though not very high, it is 7-8 times of lead-acid battery, 5.8 times of nickle-metal hydride battery, 2.3 times of lithium battery. By adopting aluminum-air battery, the vehicle’s driving distance can be increased obviously. According to related foreign information, the record that an electric vehicle using aluminum-air battery can run 1600km by only once replace of aluminum electrode has been get in California, USA.


2. Light weight

The gross energy of motive power lead-acid battery developed and produced in our country is 13.5kWh, with 375kg of total mass, but 13.5kWh of aluminum-air battery only weighs 45kg, 12% of the lead-acid battery mass. This lighten in turn decreases the whole weight of vehicle, increases its struck capacity and extends its driving range.


3. Aluminum is neither toxic nor dangerous

The aluminum has no harm to human body, nor does it pollute the environment. It can be recycled and reused. The world is rich in aluminum, and large-scale aluminum smelters have been constructed, which could lower down the production cost. What’s more, it’s convenient to recycle and regenerate the aluminum at low cost. We can solve aluminum-air battery’s charging problem by replacing aluminum electrode.