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 Located at No.488, Eastern Section of Stadium Road, Jiaojiang, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China, Taizhou Feichang New Energy Technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred as Feichang) was built in June 2012, and becomes a high-tech company integrate with R&D, production and sales on key materials and battery systems of metal-air battery. Our major system contains magnesium-air battery system and aluminum-air battery system.

      Feichang covers a large scale of area including laboratory to test the electrochemical properties of materials and battery performance, workshop for the production of air electrode and metal anode, and office area. Currently, discharge density for each unit area of air electrode produced by us has raised from 120mA/cm2 to 280mA/cm2, same level as similar products overseas. Feichang has built the first continuous production line for air electrode in our country. During the manufacture, domestic raw materials are used, which breaks the restriction from Teflon film patent by Dupont company. That’s because we have our own patents on metal anode ratio, electrolyte ratio and battery structure design. A complete industrial chain from catalyst preparation, air cathode manufacture to battery system production has formed.

       Feichang is made up of a powerful team, in which there is a high-quality scientific research team mostly containing doctors and masters who has engaged in the field of metal-air battery manufacture for more than 10 years with rich experience. Deep researches on oxygen reduction catalyst, on electrode performances and on battery manufacturing techniques have been made, thus Feichang has gained a series of important achievements including several domestic and international patent licenses. We admire talents, notices the growth and improvement of our staff, gives them skill training and sufficient space for development. Here, people are working in harmony at relax and positive atmosphere.

       Feichang has developed high endurance metal-air fuel cell systems for various condition applications, including emergency metal-air fuel power packs, portable and military power systems, household backup batteries, telecom backup power systems, electric vehicle batteries, even greater power system for specific demand.